All About Miss. Bartz:

Education and Teaching Background: 

I attended Grant MacEwan University and the University of Alberta, where I earned my Bachelor of Education degree with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Language and Literacy. I graduated with distinction in June 2014. I began my teaching career by student teaching at James Mowat and progressed into substitute teaching with EIPS. I was thrilled to accept my first teaching position in a Grade 6 classroom at James Mowat. I am proud to be a James Mowat jay as I continue to teach Grade 2! 

My Childhood: 

Born and raised a country girl, I grew up on a beef farm outside of Fort Saskatchewan. In addition to cattle, we owned horses, cats and three dogs. I am a middle child with a younger brother Cody-Ray and an older sister, Leah. 

My Interests: 

On my free time, I enjoy sipping a hot cup of David's tea and curling up with a book on the couch under a huge, soft blanket. I love strawberry ice cream, pizza and french onion soup. I like to go quading, dirt biking and camping in the summer.